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1. Movement-specific resistance training
Hypergravity Training offers you maximal resisted freedom of movement, without loosing movement speed, performing exactly the movement you want to improve. It fills the gap between weight training and sports exercises as advocated in complex training.

2. Multiple connections
Using up to 8 cords at once, you can train up to 8 different body parts simultaneously, for example waist, hands, ankles, and upper legs.
3. High speed Power
Hypergravity Training offers training at high Velocity and high Power. In contrast to weight training, after Hypergravity Training one can move faster and with more Power.

4. Eccentric/Reactive Power (Plyometrics)
Hypergravity Training delivers better plyometric and fast eccentric force and power improvements than any other training form. These qualities are crucial for good agility, which consists mainly of eccentric muscle action, and injury prevention, as injuries often arise during eccentric action.

optimal explosive power development
5. Quickness of Movement
Hypergravity Training evokes faster movement. You don’t feel “heavy legs” but instead you feel light and more explosive. In fact, you will move more explosive and faster right after the exercise.

6. Continuous Drive
The multi-connected resistance cords stimulate all driving parts of the body throughout the whole movement.
superior speed performance
7. Resistance Training for all people
Hypergravity Training is safe, and therefore can be done by people of all ages and at all levels, including fragile, inexperienced and untrained or even injured people. In contrast, Weight and Plyometric Training have been proven to be valuable, but experience is necessary and the risk of injury is pronounced.
Resistance Training at all ages
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