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V8 small
Price: €3694,00
V8 large
Price: €3877,00
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Raptor Light
Price: €1475,00
1Vest medium
Price: €130,00
1Vest large
Price: €135,00
1Vest XL
Price: €140,00
1Vest XXL
Price: €145,00
Waist belt
Price: €84,75
Hip Flexor set
Price: €67,75
Palm Strap set
Price: €29,75
Ankle strap set
Price: €32,95
Hand handle set
Price: €32,95
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V8 EX small
Price: €4921,00
V8 EX large
Price: €5094,00
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Galileo2000, Vertimax, V8, V8+, V8-EX, V8EX, Raptor, 1Vest, waist belt, hip flexor, palm strap, ankle strap, hand handle, Elastic cord, bungee cord, raptor,  exercise, training, fitness, rehabilitation, sport, device, jump, sprint, agility, acceleration, velocity, power, explosive power, injury
Raptor Medium
Price: €1570,00
Raptor Heavy
Price: €1665,00
Raptor Pro
Price: €1760,00