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VertiMax Pre-Certification Video Course

The following 8 videos are a sequential compilation of a complete VertiMax Instruction Seminar delivered to Strength & Conditioning coaches at the National Fitness Center in Knoxville, TN. To gain a fundamental understanding of why VertiMax technology delivers superior explosive power development and how to utilize it effectively with athletes, watch the 8 videos below in sequence. Coaches and athletes will learn how to perform the primary vertical jump and on & off platform speed training drills for both youth and adult athletes. Each drill will be accompanied by discussions about proper technique and the do’s and don’ts of VertiMax training. Upon completing the last video you will have the knowledge and confidence to utilize VertiMax safely and effectively on athletes of all ages.

The last Video Will Review The Proper Technique For Safely Detaching And Releasing Resistance Bands When Utilizing VertiMax.
VertiMax Training Theory
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V8 Introduction For Beginners
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VertiMax V8 Functional Overview
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Basic VertiMax Jump Training Tips for First Time Users
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Introducing Arm Loading to Vertical Jump Training
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On-Platform Hip Flexor Training
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Off-Platform Speed Training
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The Importance of Unloaded Contrast Sets After Each Exercise
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VertiMax Unit Care & Maintenance
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