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Since 1999, Galileo2000 offers a number one innovative training tools for top sports, youth training, geriatric training and physiotherapy, adviced by top coaches and therapists, supported by the latest scientifical knowledge.

In 2003, Galileo2000 introduced the Vertimax in Europe. Since then, we've delivered many Vertimaxes throughout Europe, directly or through our dealer network.

Jumping power, reactive power, first step quickness, agility, and sprint speed are specific qualities that need specific training stimuli.

Galileo2000 was founded by drs. Martin Huizing in 1999. Martin Huizing (born 1964) studied Human Movement Studies at the Free university of Amsterdam. He specialized in exercise physiology and biomechanics. Ater his study, he worked as a physical coach in athletics (sprint & hurdles), tennis, rugby, and pro football. He also worked in a rehabilitation center, and developed test protocols for an Olympic and Paralympic Center.
Martin is a former Dutch top level sprinter and hurdler. During his athletic career he started coaching other athletes, which he intensified afterwards. As a physical coach he was invited to a speed clinic, where he came about the Galileo Whole Body Vibration device. He bought the device for his athletes, being one of the first offering WBV training world wide. Based on scientifical publications on WBV (in which Martin cooperated as expert) and experience in practice, Martin decided that this principle is a powerful innovation that can improve the physical capabilities of sportsmen and disabled people, and therefore decided to start the company Galileo2000.

Since that time, Martin searched the world for other innovations, and at the same time he studied the scientifical background of training and rehab tools. Much of his time he used to purchase and test new devices. In 2003 he purchased his first Force Platform. The force platform offered him objective and very functional and accurate information on physical function. This way he could test training devices on its functionality. He also cooperated with trainers and physiotherapists in training and studies using the force platform.

Martin wrote several articles for sports and medical magazines, cooperated in scientifical studies and is contracted for theoretical and practical courses in several universities and olympic committees.

Based on his experiences, Martin focussed on further development of knowledge and on development of low budget alternatives, which would make these tools easier accessible for as many people as possible.

Galileo2000 is exclusive dealer of the Vertimax in The Netherlands. Websites: www.galileo2000.nl - www.vertimax-europe.com - www.fieldpower-training.com - www.sprungleistung.de
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